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No one throws a party like us because here every night is a celebration.Experience more fun and excitement with a wide range of entertainment options. All sorts of amusements and recreational activities await you at Diamond Beach Resort.


Fun and joy can be found everywhere at Sunrise, with a wide variety of activities and entertainment facilities. Enjoy our daily live shows and daily live music that will surely delight you and add excitement to your trip. 

Join us during our fruit festivals and sip on a plethora of fruits, fresh juices, and cocktails. 

Join us during any of the following festivals: Banana Bonanza, Orange Festival, Strawberry Surprise, Sweet Potato Party, Apple Festival, Watermelon Splash, and much more!

We also organize special carnivals and holiday events. You’ll never know what fun surprise awaits you when you stay at Sunrise!


Don’t forget to stop by Victoria Pub for some exciting music and drinks.