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The main purpose of this weight loss retreat is to give the guests the power to control their own health, body and internal environment. Food changes alone will not bring the end desired results as weight loss is an ongoing process and needs discipline in the lifestyle. Thus, the psychological part has a huge impact on the slimming process. Ayurveda Doctors will guide the guests through this, based on a personal approach for each person. Ayurvedic massage for weight loss is another key aspect of Natura Ayurveda Spa programs. Alongside yoga practice, massage supports the body in toning and strengthening itself. Massage not only nourishes and rejuvenates the body’s tissues, but also promotes weight loss as tensions and toxins are released. After finishing the treatment within the concept of Ayurveda Slimming Program, guests can stay in contact with Ayurveda staff and Doctors for advice. There are two main massages included in this program. Firstly, Gharshan Massage, in which the skin is exfoliated with herbal powders to reduce cellulite through improved circulation. Secondly, Udvarthana Massage which decreases subcutaneous fat by liquefying it and making it more readily available for combustion, and improves the body’s metabolism and lymphatic drainage.