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Hurghada, a jewel on the Egyptian shores of the Red Sea, is a top choice for many tourists seeking tranquil turquoise waters and adventurous excursions into the desert. And with its several luxury resorts scattered throughout this wonderful destination, SUNRISE Resorts keeps you close to the best Hurghada has to offer.

Hurghada: Red Sea Fun Over and Under

The Red Sea waters around Hurghada, Egypt is famous for their marine life. Visitors to the beautiful coastal city snorkel and scuba dive to see the wonders the underwater world of the Red Sea has to offer. There are also dolphin watching boat trips that bring you as close as you’ve ever been to see these wonderful creatures perform stunning water acrobatics in swarms before your eyes.

The water fun isn’t just under the sea at Hurghada, but on it as well. Experience the excitement of kite and windsurfing as you ride the water at breathtaking speed. Or just relax and sail on the various boat tours available as you enjoy the view of the mesmerizing land from the sea.

If you are feeling even more bold and daring, paragliding and parasailing activities are available for those who wish to experience the rush from the sky. There is nothing like experiencing Hurghada from above!

Hurghada Family Fun

At Hurghada, family fun can be found everywhere. Children will certainly be excited to ride the slides of the water parks that are scattered throughout this popular destination.

Hurghada Entertainment

And it never stops at sunset at Hurghada, where the nightlife has something for everyone. Whether you prefer clubbing all night or looking for a nice place to sit and have a drink, you’ll definitely find a great place to spend the night.

Hurghada: An Unforgettable Experience for All

Whether you’re looking for a nice coastal destination to enjoy tranquil sunsets and calm blue waters, or if you’re seeking excitement, fun, and adventure, Hurghada should definitely be a top choice for you. With water fun and excitement, dessert adventures and excursions, and a captivating nightlife, you’ll never run out of things to do on your next visit.

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  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
  • Surfing, Kitesurfing, and Windsurfing
  • Coral Reefs and Wide Variety of Underwater Wildlife
  • Paragliding and Parasailing
  • Great Nightlife

Attractions and Places to Visit

One of the most stunning diving sites at Hurghada is Omo Gamaar. With a fantastic variety of marine life under the crystal clear blue water of the Red Sea, Omo Gamaar provides an underwater display of natural beauty that you will want to visit again and again.

The mesmerizing beauty of the Red Sea is best experienced in the middle of it. The small Giftun Island provides such a great sight. Just a short boat ride away, the Giftun Island provides an excellent spot for snorkeling and scuba diving, as well as a fantastic spot to just kick back and enjoy the sunshine and shimmering clear blue water from the shore.

At Hurghada, you don’t need to dive into the water yourself to witness the exciting marine wildlife around you. The Hurghada Grand Aquarium provides a breathtaking experience as you get really close to over a thousand species of all sorts of underwater creatures.

Sometimes the sea doesn’t always keep the whole family excited and fun throughout your stay. With several water parks scattered throughout Hurghada, including Royal Makadi Aqua Park, the whole family is guaranteed to find a change in pace and a wide variety of activities to keep the excitement going.

At Hurghada, the excitement and fun can be found both under the water and on land. (Repetition)  The ambient Eastern Dessert provides an expansive adventure for those who wish to see the vastness and natural radiance.

Another fun attraction on land is the unbelievable sand sculptures and art that can be found at Sand City. This open air gallery houses dozens of fantastic sand sculptures and reliefs, from pop culture personalities to architectural wonders.


Hurghada has quite a variety of shopping venues, and one of those great venues is Senzo Mall. Being the largest mall in the Red Sea area with an area of 250,000 square meters, you’re bound to find whatever you are looking for.

You can also find plenty of stores in Hurghada offering an excellent variety of souvenirs to take home.