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Visit Luxor and discover the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Visit the timeless temples and feel the hieroglyphs engraved on ancient stone.

After touring the ancient wonders of the city, set sail on a Sunrise Cruise down the Nile and appreciate the beautiful ambiance of the longest river in the world as you get treated to high class luxury and quality for an unforgettable lifetime experience. Cruise along the ancient river as the shores of the Nile and their lines of majestic palm trees pass you by.

The Timeless Treasures of Luxor

Luxor is mostly famous for its magnificent ancient Egyptian temples and the world famous tombs of the Valley of the Kings.

The Temple of Karnak, the second largest ancient religious site in the world, is such a popular attraction that only the Pyramids of Giza surpasses it in the annual visits of tourists. With its colossal pillars and enormous statues, this marvel of manmade ancient architecture is a wonder to set your eyes upon. The Luxor Temple is another mystery of ancient religious architecture worth visiting in this ancient city. Be sure to walk through the Avenue of Sphinxes, a long pathway aligned with statues of these ancient mythical creatures on both sides, that connects the Luxor Temple with the Temple of Karnak.

Another ancient site worth seeing near Luxor is the famous Valley of the Kings, a vast area in the desert in which Pharaohs and ancient Egyptian nobles were buried from the 16th to the 11th century BC. Walk into these ancient tombs and see the ancient artwork and millennia-old hieroglyphs painted and engraved into these ancient manmade caves.

While you are at the Valley of the Kings, be sure not to miss the famous Tomb of Tutankhamen – King Tut. See this world-renowned ancient tomb for yourself and see the exact spot the young king was laid to rest.

Luxor from Above and from the Nile

Experience Luxor from the sky as you float about in a hot air balloon over this age-old land. See the ancient sites, the palm trees, the gardens, and the Nile from a breathtaking bird’s-eye view.

Then sail along the Nile on a cruise ship. Watch the old city float by as you feel the gentle Nile breeze ease you into a peaceful state of tranquility.

Come and enjoy the timeless jewels of Luxor and float along the Nile on a Sunrise Cruise ship. Book your reservation today and pack up for a luxurious and unforgettable experience.


  • Ancient Temples, Valley of the Kings, Tutankhamun’s Tomb
  • Nile River
  • Hot Air Balloon Trips
  • Sound and Light Show
  • Souks and Shopping Venues for Souvenirs

Attractions and Places to Visit

In addition to the famous Luxor and Karnak Temples, the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu is another popular ancient Egyptian temple with fascinating inscriptions and all the majestic architecture these ancient marvels are famous for.

If you are looking to gain a better perspective and understanding of ancient Egyptian life, the Valley of Artisans should be on your itinerary. Since it was less attractive to tomb thieves in the past, much of the art and artifacts of the tombs of the artisans are more preserved and the wall paintings have maintained their vivid colors.

After touring the temples and the Valley of the Kings, the Luxor Museum should be your next stop for an indoor exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the goods found in the tomb of the boy pharaoh Tutankhamun.

A long day in Luxor deserves a pleasant and savory dining experience. You can find several outstanding restaurants and cafes where you can refuel your energy for more adventure and excitement in this ancient land.

If a traditional shopping experience is something you’d love, be sure to visit the main souq of Luxor. Sharpen your bargaining skills and get ready for a thrilling marketplace experience as you negotiate the price for great souvenirs to take home. 

You can also shop at Caravanserai, where you can find beautifully handcrafted works from Luxor and other locations throughout Egypt, including Siwa, Sinai, and Cairo.