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SUNRISE Montamere Resort hosts the 48th edition of Miss Intercontinental

SUNRISE resorts & cruises proudly hosted the 48th edition of Miss Intercontinental in its miraculous SUNRISE Montamere Resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Delegates from 84 countries competed for the title of Miss Intercontinental 2019 while they enjoyed their gratis stay at the resort and were provided with comfy transportation all around the city. The event took place from the 6th to the 20th of December, which was the closing ceremony of the event where the jury had to make their final decision. The participants received a VIP welcome at the airport and were transported to SUNRISE Montamere Resort, where they accommodated throughout their trip and where all the glam happened. Throughout their stay, the contestants visited SUNRISE Diamond Beach Resort and SUNRISE Arabian Beach Resort in Sharm El Sheikh where they enjoyed their time and dined at the finest Al-Carte restaurants, offering them scrumptious, exquisite cuisine from all around the world. Alongside the swimwear and national costume competitions that were held, we made sure to keep them entertained and enjoy the most pleasant and memorable experience with us by planning a couple of activities and parties. Whether it was the safari, boat trip, karaoke night, bonfire, galabiya party or the boho beach party, they surely had the time of their lives as they experienced the most wonderful beaches and relished the beauty and stunning views of Sharm El Sheikh.

The 20th of December was the awaited night, where the Closing Ceremony of Miss Intercontinental 2019 took place. We were honored by the presence of Mr. Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai, who attended both the opening and closing ceremonies of the event. The jury, hosts and contestants were presented and a couple of speeches were given. Having to choose the winner between this year’s 84 confidently beautiful, intelligent and empowering delegates surely wasn’t easy for the jury. The event came to a wrap by the end of the night when Fanni Mikó, Miss Intercontinental Hungary 2019, was announced as the winner of Miss Intercontinental 2019 and was crowned by her predecessor, Miss Intercontinental 2018 Karen Gallman of Philippines. The first runner-up was Miss Intercontinental United States of America 2019, the second was Miss Intercontinental Thailand 2019, the third was Miss Intercontinental South Africa 2019 and the fourth runner-up was Miss Intercontinental Peru 2019. A press conference was held with the top 3 and when the night was over, the contestants enjoyed and danced their night away at the after party that was organized by SUNRISE. SUNRISE offered two vouchers to two lucky winners. Firstly, Miss Philippines was awarded the title of “Miss Popularity” and received a voucher that grants her a 7-nights stay, all-inclusive basis, at any SUNRISE resort of her choice. Secondly, Miss England was granted the title of “Miss SUNRISE” and received a voucher that entitles her and her plus one a 3-nights stay at each of the 15 SUNRISE resorts and 7 cruises in 7 of Egypt’s astonishing cities, which is a total of 45 days, all inclusive basis. All in all, Miss Intercontinental 2019, being such a success and pride, is proof that Egypt is a great destination and host country for such international events as it has so much to offer, including its great venues, unique culture, coziness and welcoming atmosphere.